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Silke Asbeck, managing director of the Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal accepted the “Town Marketing Prize 2018” at the awards ceremony of the Wuppertaler Wirtschaftspreis for economic enterprise in Wuppertal. Every year, the award is presented to companies, private individuals, associations and organisations who have contributed to improving Wuppertal’s image both in the town and beyond its borders and who have also raised its public profile.

A historic event venue whose unique ambience provides the ideal setting for a range of different event formats, the Historische Stadthalle is a member of the exclusive circle of Historic Conference Centres of Europe and of the Congress Allianz Deutschland. The Stadthalle’s concert hall is famed among artists all over the world for its phenomenal acoustics.

The team at the Historische Stadthalle is delighted to receive this award, which is a symbol not only of the particular esteem in which the local economy holds it, but which also highlights the Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal’s growing national significance as a hotspot for the event industry.

Wuppertal is Germany’s greenest metropolis, the home of fair trade, a stronghold of the event industry and a leading manufacturing site with the most illustrious name in the textile, pharmaceutical and tooling industry located here. With its new town centre and a marked increase in hotel accommodation – 500 hotel beds in the centre of town – a whole range of new possibilities have opened up for the event sector. As the Historische Stadthalle is ideally located from an infrastructure point of view and offers the full range of technical equipment, it has everything that is required for large congresses and conferences that run over several days. They are bound to enhance the appeal of Wuppertal as a location.

This belief has led to the creation of the wow! wuppertal! image campaign. More than 20 strong partners from the hotel trade, location industry, event services, economic development and town marketing sector have joined the Historische Stadthalle to showcase the appeal of destination Wuppertal.

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