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And it really is a line - a ‘straight line’ – symbolising the essential element at the heart of our workplace: A STAGE with MCG at its foundations. 

Now, exhibitors, various types of event, locations, employees and associated service providers can all feature the design with each tailor-made stage.

As a one-stop experience shop, we create an ideal backdrop for every client.

 Since June, as a first step we have been officially promoting our new corporate design in an outdoor advertising campaign, in print ads, on the intro page of the website, in LED lighting, Facebook headers, e-mails and signature formats, give-aways, office items, compliment cards, business cards, carrier bags, mesh banners, flags and several other touchpoints – such as customer invitations and programme folders.

A major aspect of the greater process of positioning, in which MCG is making a concerted effort to realise and move forward, is in the coming months you can expect many other points of contact to acquire a fresh face thanks to the new corporate design.

All members of HCCE look to the future and must compete on a world stage. Investing in the infrastructure and brand of venues is of key importance and we are delighted to see how MCG has once again moved forward with their new fresh brand.

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