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The 2017 edition of the Digital Assembly hosted by the Maltese Presidency of the European Union was held on the 15 and 16 June at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

This important event, themed as “Digital Europe: Investing in the Future”, gave the opportunity to European stakeholders to share their views, discuss their ideas and consider how Europe and the rest of the world are preparing for the digital transformation. It was also the perfect setting to celebrate the end of roaming charges in all the European countries.

The organisation of the Digital Assembly and of the Maltese Presidency were praised by important representatives of the European Commission. Amongst them, the Director General of the DG Connect at the European Commission, Roberto Viola who said that he loved to work with the Maltese people because they are resilient and never give up. He explained that during the last six months, Maltese people were so resilient that the delivery in the digital domain was so impressive. Mr Viola also said that he was hopeful that by next year there will be other important developments in the portability of content and geo-blocking. 

MCC Republic Hall can take up to 1400 delegatesThe Digital Assembly was inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister of Malta, Dr Joseph Muscat who described the abolishing of roaming charges as a great accomplishment. He explained that this project was particularly at his heart because when he was still a Member of the European Parliament he was put in charge of the removal of part of these charges. 

MCC Knights of St John Hospital WardThis was yet another occasion during which the Mediterranean Conference Centre stood out as a unique multi purpose venue within a historic setting offering top quality services and latest technological backup. 1,000 delegates were present for this event.