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HCCE venues need to keep pace with the changing needs of the delegates and that means renewal rather than build new.Having already seen a number venues from Hannover to Valletta invest in the fabric and technology of their centres, Congress Graz in Austria has begun a new project due for completion by September.

Follow the journey as they prepare a historic room for the 21st centuary...

 A spirit of change and renewal at‪ #‎congressgraz. 9 weeks of intense building activity have now begun. Afterwards it will be hard to recognise the original ‘Steiermark Saal’. We are looking forward to optimised control booths, acoustic walls on all sides, reconceptualised designs for the screen, curtains, rigging, ventilation and lighting, and a renovated parquet floor.

Our Before and After picture show where we have started and where we are today. In September we will show you the results of this complex refurbishment.


The magnificent all-new Steiermark Saal will be available for congresses, meetings and events from September. For information about visit Congress Graz

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