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HCCE perhaps has one of the most sustainable sources of MICE venues in Europe with all our centres being at least 100 years old and still in use today. In addition, all our centres are committed to the delivery of green events. With this in mind, Dominique Escande and Florence Koch of our Luxembourg neimënster venue discuss this issue and its impact on their venue.

Dominique Escande:

Florence, for several years, neimënster’s motto has remained the same: “make your event a sustainable experience”. What does this mean for our customers?

Florence Koch:

It’s more than just a motto. In fact, it’s our mission. In the context of our cultural and commercial activities, we thrive to respect the business, social and environmental values important for us.


And on top of that, in October 2013 we signed a sustainable development charter together with our main suppliers and customers.


This charter allows us to empower our partners, in particular in terms of environmental protection, one of our priorities. Our green conference packages are to be seen completely from this perspective.


Of the 77 conferences held at neimënster in 2014, 11% were labelled as “green”. In 2015, this rate rose by 50%, and the trend is still upwards.


By the end of January, we have already had 9 requests. This is very good news, and we’ll be talking about it more in the next issue of 28 rue Münster.”

The above interview is an extract from 28 rue Münster which you can download below.

Find out more about neimënster click here.

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