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The Minister for Tourism Dr Edward Zammit Lewis and the Parliamentary Secretary for EU Presidency 2017 and European Funds Ian Borg inaugurated the completion of another project co-financed by European Funds for Regional Development (ERDF).

This project amounted to more than a million Euros (€1,080,726 VAT included) and covered the restoration of the ceiling of the Sacra Infermeria at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, restoration of the staircase which leads to the roof with the scope that this will be opened for tourists to enjoy the unique view of the Grand Harbour. In addition an investment was made in the lighting of this touristic attraction to further enhance the characteristics of this unique historical attraction.

The Mediterranean Conference Centre is a priceless gem especially within the MICE sector. It should not be amiss to mention the success of both the CHOGM 2015 and the Valletta Summit held recently at MCC, added Dr Edward Zammit Lewis. CHOGM 2015 was attended by 53 Heads of Government from Commonwealth countries, headed by H.M Queen Elizabeth II, whereas 80 Heads of State from Europe and Africa convened at MCC to discuss the migration issue.

Dr Edward Zammit Lewis pointed out that this project is just the beginning of a large investment which the Ministry for Tourism will be making in the Mediterranean Conference Centre. The Minister for Tourism announced that the Board of Management together with the Ministry for Tourism have applied for an EU project for restoration which will cost over €5 million and through which unutilized areas within the Mediterranean Conference Centre will be made accessible to the public, as well as the setting up of a museum about the medical history of the Knights of the Order of St. John.