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HCC Konferenz renovationThe Hannover Congress Centrum (HHC) successfully completed in late March a large multi-month renovation project in ​the largest conference area of the venue.

At the end of March conference rooms 1 to 22, the largest conference room area of ​​the HCC, underwent renovation to make sure they were available for the Universal Exhibition in Hanover.

We had to take the chance, parallel to the ongoing operations, in the first three months of the year to implement this measure because we need the capacity from the summer of this year as the great domed hall renovation will begin.

said HCC Director Joachim König

The smooth running, despite major events such as the opening of CeBIT, were thanks to the perfect coordination of building management and the good work of the participating companies and employees

All 22 conference rooms and the large foyer with a total of 1,593 square meters with capacity for 796 persons received new carpeting, all the walls were renovated and the wear and tear of the last 15 years have been eliminated.

HCC KonferenzraumebeneA special optical effect is achieved by attractive pieces of poster exhibition "100 Years of HCC" can be seen from the year 2014 in a separate small exhibition permanently in the foyer of the conference room level.