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Austrian balls are elegant, sophisticated and timelessly enjoyable events. Most visitors to Austria attend a ball at one time or another. We Austrians love these occasions, although traditionally such events are only held during the Fasching carnival period from November to February. Congress Graz is very busy during the ball season.

In November and December alone the venue hosted no fewer than twelve school graduation balls in the historical halls and rooms of Congress Graz; and the next tightly packed series of balls is due to commence on the 17thof January.


After three school graduation balls, on the 31st January a series of ball classics begins. There’s the technology students’ ball, the 62nd academics ball, and the time-honoured ‘Oberlandlerball’, whose strict dress code means it is seen as a catwalk for the very finest Styrian Tracht clothing. Similarly, ‘Back to the Roots’ is the title of this year’s Aufsteirern ball with an equally strong emphasis on tradition and regional authenticity. A complete contrast is provided by the ‘Tuntenball’, the city’s most important event for the gay and lesbian community, and probably the most exuberant celebration in the whole of the ball season. The 2400 tickets are usually completely sold out in a few hours. The subsequent Ballo di Casanova features many wonderful costumes. Strictly speaking it is being held outside the traditional ball season in March. Venetian masks and elaborate clothing, opulent jewellery and delicious Italian cuisine conspire to transform Congress Graz into the home of La Dolce Vita.

Since we Austrians can’t get enough of such events, we have prolonged the ball season into spring. We will also be hosting the Styrian Hunters’ Ball for the first time on the 4th April and look forward to welcoming another late starter in June. At this year’s ‘Genussball’, the most widely renowned ball of its kind in the country, the ladies can enjoy not having to hide their elegant ball gowns and sophisticated outfits under heavy raincoats on the way in to the venue!