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HCCE is delighted to announce that BVEP Vice Chair Simon Hughes will be presenting at our London buyers event hosted at Central Hall Westminster.

Join fellow buyers at the HCCE London event on November 7th with our guest speaker and an opportunity to find unique and historic venues from across Europe.

The falling pound and uncertainty of what Brexit is or is not is high on many event planners thoughts, so working with BVEP, HCCE presents this evening to explore some of the possibilities and opportunities. You can also get the views from our members across the channel as they look to secure British events.

Central Hall Westminster is central London's largest conference centre and HCCE one of Europe's most prestigious networks of venues. As an association, HCCE has no commission structure and contracts are with organisers and the venue.

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About Simon Hughes

Since May 2012 Simon has run a business consultancy specialising in providing strategic services to the events sector. Previously he spent 10 years as Director of Live Events at COI, where he worked on a number of high profile events for a diverse range of government departments and agencies. He has worked in creative industry management and production roles for over 30 years. He is passionate about getting the end-to-end production process right for live events. He believes that bringing people together to share ideas, learning and experience remains one of the most powerful communication tools available today. Widely recognised by the industry over the years for his varied contribution, he serves on the board of Evcom and is a vice chair of the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP).

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