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Dear Colleagues,

We started in a challenging and for all of us a demanding business year. International developments are in many ways going to force our industry to reconsider, rearrange our businesses and products. Even though change is the only constant factor in business, I believe, that HCCE and the very unique products on offer, are going to be interesting – little more constant and comforting – opportunities for all current and future clients.


Talking about the HCCE members being constant and comforting to clients and partners, I would like to mention another rather important point and opportunity that we ALL should take.  

HCCE Members made the decision to join with EVVC the – RIGHT & FAIR, sustainability codex. Together, I and the HCCE Board, are convinced, that Right & Fair is a perfect, easy to handle and international recognized brand for green and sustainable meetings, a “green label” for members to offer clients. Here in Graz we have already joined Right & Fair, received certification and – handling Right & Fair within the everyday business. We are very happy with the label and especially with the process and the evaluation of the label, combined with the fact that Right & Fair is free of charge for HCCE members and on top of that, we are convinced, that there is a good return of investment in many ways for all who join and to be able to call HCCE Right & Fair certified.  

At present HCCE are preparing the activities for the upcoming IMEX exhibition in Frankfurt as well as for our Annual General Assembly at Villa Erba in Cernobbio next to Lake Como in Italy.

This year’s AGA is an interesting meeting point as well as a motivating information and education event, with an attractive social program allowing us to exchange and communicate in a great atmosphere organized and supported by the team of HCCE member Villa Erba. For the educational part, we have an absolute expert with extensive international experience in our business - Mr. André Schneider. Mr. Schneider was for many years CEO and COO for the world’s largest and most international economical and political meetings, the World Economic Forum. Mr Schneider will present views of business from the eyes of one of the largest organizers as well as from a client’s perspective. 

In the mean time I hope your year has started well and look forward to meeting you on our stand at IMEX in Frankfurt. 

Kindest regards

Armin Egger

President HCCE