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Zappeion Hall stands in the historic centre of Athens, as legacy to the civilisation, where great cultural and spiritual events take place. Zappeion Hall was funded by Evangelis Zappas and named after him, designed by T. Hansen, it was the first venue to be especially erected for the revival of the Olympic Games in the modern world.

Evangelis Zappas, a Greek patriot and national benefactor, had the vision of the revival of Ancient Greek Spirit and dedicated his life to the revival of the Olympic Games.

Nowadays Zappeion Hall, is one of the most important venues for cultural scientific and spiritual events which combines history with evolution in Europe’s oldest continually inhabited city.



Centre Overview

In 1888 the Zappeion Exhibition Hall was one of the first buildings in Europe specifically designed for exhibitions and conferences. An extensive interior and exterior renovation, completed in 2006, restored the building to its original splendour while, at the same time, state of the art technology was introduced to the listed building.

The Zappeion Exhibition Hall has served as the headquarters for the Greek EU Presidency, the Press Centre for the Ministry of the Press during the 2004 Olympic Games and is now the home of Greece's twice annual Fashion Week. The Zappeion Exhibition Hall is the pre-eminent venue for domestic and international events in Athens, Greece.

The Zappeion Exhibition Hall has approximately 4,000 square meters of space suitable for exhibitions and conferences. A central atrium of 984 square meters that can be used for conferences, concerts, cocktail parties and sit-down dinners. There are two interior open courtyards of 957 square meters each which are utilized as service areas. Rooms 14 and 5 have two rows of conference tables with microphones and headsets which seat 80 persons. The Rooms also feature translation booths and facilities for showing videos or slide shows.

EXHIBITIONS The Zappeion Exhibition Hall is suitable for art exhibitions and antique shows, product and services exhibitions, book fairs and educational exhibitions.

BANQUETS AND BALLS The Atrium has hosted seated dinners for 350 persons in the centre courtyard with an additional 200 guests seated under the portico. Cocktail parties can comfortably host 1,500 guests. In addition, the area just in front of the entrance has been used for cocktails before the guests enter the Atrium for a seated dinner.


Total Area








1 375 - - -
2 97 - - -
3 243 250 225 100
4 385 380 300 200
5 393 90 Conference Tables -
6 236 250 225 100
7 550 - - 300
8 155 - - -
9 208 - - -
10 550 - - 300
11/12 385 380 225 250
13 243 250 225 100
14 393 90 Conference Tables -
15 236 250 225 100
16 97 - - -
17 984 500   350
24 - Service Area 957      
25 - Garden 957      

The Zappeion Exhibition Hall does not work with any specific catering company. Clients can use the catering company of their choice for their events.

The Zappeion Exhibition Hall combines history with modern technology in Europe's oldest continually inhabited city. Located in the centre of the city , it is within walking distance from many 4 star hotels, museums, government offices, shopping and restaurants.

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Contact Details:
Phone Number: +30 210 32 23 509
Fax Number: +30 210 32 20 048
Website: http://www.zappeion.gr


Transport Links

Closest Airport: Athens (ATH)
Distance from Airport (km): 35
Distance from Train Station (km): 4

Zappeion Exhibition Hall

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Athens, the mythic city immortalized by Socrates and revitalized by the 2004 Olympic Games. Surrounded by stunning seas and mountains, this safe, travel-friendly city is filled with gems just waiting to be discovered. The new state-of the-art airport, Eleftherios Venizelos, considered one of the world's best, is only 45 minutes away from the centre via metro. In Athens you can visit museums, shop, bask on the beach or experience great dining and nightlife. From Athens you can visit an island, a ski resort or a traditional village in a few hours or less.

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