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The Kongress Palais Kassel is located in the heart of Germany in close proximity to the InterCity train station in Bad Wilhelmshöhe. We can thus be quickly reached from all directions in Europe.


Centre Overview

With its ultra modern facilities, the Kongress Palais Kassel, one of the most beautiful historical conference buildings in Europe, offers you ideal conditions for large-scale events, conferences and more intimate small events. Located right in the heart of Germany, a venue space of 8,500 m² accommodating up to 8,268 people is just waiting for you to take centre stage. Our establishment can be quickly reached from all directions. And as the first conference centre in Germany to receive the Green Globe Certificate, we guarantee that your events will not only be first-class but also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Thanks to our integration in Kassel Marketing GmbH, we are in the convenient position of being able to draw on other competence areas and attractively extend the range of services with which we can provide you.

Located right in the heart of Germany, a venue space of 8,500sqm accomodating up to 8.268 people is just waiting for you to take centre stage.

The Kolonnadenflugel: This elegant addition to the 100-year-old historical walls reflects its environment with a modern take, providing a seamless and stylish enhancement. Around 2,000 sqm of space on two levels open up fresh new perspectives for conferences, exhibitions and other large-scale events. Spaces with which you can plan. The entrance area, which forms the connection to the surrounding garden landscape, can even be used in its own right as an amphitheatre or summer stage.


Total Area








Festsaal 699 1847 518 668
Bankettsaal 188 196 108 144
Festsaal and Bankettsaal 887 1227 650 812
Gesellschaftssaal 199 240 120 168
Blauer Saal 449 568 296 408
Rosensaal 180 197 90 108
Aschrottsaal 120 108 56 96
Kolonnadensaal 796 720 412 702
Kolonnadensaal Ost 330.5 371 168 270
Kolonnadensaal West 330.5 371 168 270
Kolonnadensaal 1 & 6 131.1 110 56 96
Kolonnadensaal 2, 3, 4 & 5 109 72 30 64
Kolonnadensaal 1+2 240.1 223 112 180
Kolonnadensaal 2+3 218 181 84 150
Kolonnadensaal 4+5 218 180 84 150
Kolonnadensaal 5+6 240.1 223 112 180
Konferenzzimmer 1 76 69 n/a n/a
Konferenzzimmer 2 30 24 n/a n/a
Brunnenzimmer 1-4 23.8 16 n/a n/a
Brunnenzimmer 5+6 45.6 41 22 n/a
Brunnenzimmer 7+8 42.7 41 22 n/a

The 4-Star Kassel Ramada Hotel is directly connected to Kongress Palais Kassel. This 169 room hotel offers classic hotel services, including additional conference rooms if required. If desired, the hotel will assume all catering for your event. Thanks to its proximity, everything is close at hand - everything under one roof.

Furthermore, Kassel - the documenta city - offers you a large selection of cooperating hotels that are located close to Kongress Palais Kassel. Total capacity exceeds 5,000 beds. The choice is yours!

Let us take a look at our range of services and how we can further contribute towards ensuring the success of your event. It goes without saying that from a conference centre of this size, you can expect state-of-the-art equipment and reliable technical and IT service providers, trade fair builders, personnel specialists and other service providers as well as hotel and catering professionals to provide you with support in all areas. We will even gladly take over the organisation of the supporting fringe and entertainment programme to accompany your event. We tailor all services exactly to your requirements, right down to the last detail. The directly connected 4-star Hotel Ramada Kassel City Centre with 169 rooms and other hotels in the vicinity will be pleased to demonstrate their hospitality to you.

Capacity: Over 5,000 beds.

In short, we offer comprehensive project management services that leave nothing to chance.offer comprehensive project management services that leave nothing to chance.

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Contact Details:
Phone Number: +49 (0)561 7077 02
Fax Number: +49 (0)561 7077 240
Website: http://www.kongress-palais.de

Holger-Boerner-Platz 1, 34119 Kassel, Germany

Transport Links

Closest Airport: Kassel (KSF)
Distance from Airport (km): 17
Distance from Train Station (km): 1

Kongress Palais, Kassel

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