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For many in the corporate world, they are flooded with event invitations throughout the year. With so many to choose from they can start to blur into one, providing a challenge to events industry professionals who want to make sure their event stands out from the crowd. Personalising attendee experiences is one way to drive up turnout figures and ensure that your event is remembered positively.

The Barbican, a well-known London venue, recently carried out a survey into how far delegates were willing to travel for conferences and other corporate events abroad. The survey drew on feedback from 120 Barbican clients made up of 53% corporate bookers, 21% association and 26% agency representatives. The investigation showed that many were happy to travel a considerable distance, with 32% saying they were willing to travel for ten hours.

Choosing the right venue is one of the most important decisions that events managers are required to make. As well as the location and the transport connections, you also need to know about the space inside and the facilities on offer. Virtual reality can make this process much easier and many locations are already implementing this exciting new technology.

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