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Stress is a common condition across most employment sectors, causing many days absence and much distress for sufferers. Events management is no exception to this. A recent survey conducted by Laura Capell-Abra, a leading industry business and career coach and ex-agency MD, found that 71% event industry professionals believe their colleagues are suffering from stress.

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Recent terror attacks in Europe and the mass shooting in Las Vegas have led to a heightened awareness around security issues with regard to public gatherings. In cities where HCCE have their unique conference venues business goes on as usual, but many venues are taking this opportunity to review their security procedures to enable events to take place as planned and reassure attendees.

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When planning a corporate event, the wellbeing of the delegates is always a consideration. Taking care of both their physical health and emotional wellbeing is an important factor in making an event a success. According to the IACC’s recent Nutrition and Delegate Wellbeing Survey Report nutrition and wellbeing are a high priority for organisers. The report offers numerous useful insights for those planning and catering for corporate events.

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