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Event technology is ever changing and it has become an integral part of corporate events – from the planning stage through to the analysis and feedback afterwards. The technology will continue to develop and, according to a recent survey, there will be some interesting trends for the year ahead.

The survey, carried out by QHotels’ Event Prof Panel, suggests that wireless presentation systems, live content projection and event engagement apps are the technology which are likely to feature most at unique conference venues in 2018. The panel also raised a note of caution about purchasing the latest gimmick. Carefully analyse whether it is genuinely useful to your event, and if it is not, do not purchase it.

As Lizzie Thomas, the event manager at Brief2Event, stated: “Whilst some hardware is really impressive, they’re not always practical for a conference. As event organisers, we must think about how tech is going to assist with event functionality, rather than just how it’s used for entertainment.”

The engagement app Meetoo stood out as the tool most likely to be used at events. This platform allows delegates to communicate before, during and after the conference. It also offers useful functions for live polling. For both speakers and delegates alike it was felt this would improve the conference experience.

A notable absence from the emerging technology that the panel highlighted was virtual reality. Although it has many potential uses in the events industry, the panel believed it needed further development and testing before broad application. However, with technology improving all the time, it is worth keeping an eye on the latest virtual reality developments and how they can help your amazing venues.

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