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Designing an event with unlimited funds is one thing, but most organisers do not have this luxury and they have to work to a strict budget while still creating a successful event. Fortunately, planners can make savings across several areas, which will allow for a productive event without breaking the bank.

A cheap, poorly organised event which does not meet delegates’ expectations is not a cost saving exercise because it will prove to be many times more expensive in terms of the damage to your reputation. The trick is to find savings which do not leave the delegates feeling shortchanged.

Refreshment is an area where it is fairly easy to make savings. A reception does not need champagne to be a success. Offer prosecco or house wine instead or consider whether alcohol is required at all. A mocktail reception can be fun and practical if lots of your attendees are likely to be driving at the end of it.

Food can also be done on a budget. But, to avoid disappointing the delegates, be creative. A buffet or street food stations are tasty options, as well as being much cheaper than a sit-down meal. While reception drinks do need to be offered free to delegates, a paid bar can be open for the remainder of the event.

The venue might be one area which you think cannot be compromised, but if you can be flexible then savings are feasible. The unique event venue you have selected will have its highest costs on a popular night, but if you can switch to a less popular date, you may well get the venue cheaper. If you're looking for uniqueness, then why not inquire as to the availability and cost of an HCCE venue? Click here to enquire...

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