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2017 is drawing to a close and hopefully it has been a successful year for you. But in this fast-paced world, this means it is time to think ahead and plan for whatever 2018 will bring. Considering the trends which will shape the events industry in the coming year can help ensure that 2018 is even more productive.

Technology will likely grow ever more important and play an increasing part in events. For instance, virtual reality can be used at every stage from the planning phase though to the event itself. Event apps are likely to become even more popular, giving delegates everything they need to know about the event at the touch of a button. Emails and paper forms will decrease as delegates can book and register using an app and during the event use it for votes and surveys.

However, despite the rising importance of technology, the attendee experience is still the most vital factor. Consider the event venues. A bland, impersonal space is unlikely to be popular. Instead, book unusual meetings venues such as HCCE’s unique conference venues housed in historic buildings surrounded by all the amenities of fascinating cities.

In 2018, be aware that it is likely to become harder to attract skilled hospitality staff. Long hours, low pay and a lack of training and development means this industry may struggle to attract new staff. This problem is likely to be particularly acute in the UK with Brexit looming, because in the past it has attracted staff from the EU. To stay ahead, event organisers and venues should think about staff recruitment and what you can offer to attract the best candidates.

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