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Professionals organising events at unique conference venues understand the importance of gathering data on attendees. But a recent survey suggests that this information on their digital and physical footprint is not being integrated. As a result, valuable insights are lost.

The study was carried out by Cvent and it surveyed 600 corporate event marketers, planners and delegates between July and August this year. This project launched Cvent’s new campaign, The Power of Live Event Data, which aims to demonstrate the importance of data collection, experimental marketing and technology when organising events.

The survey revealed that 81% of respondents recognised the importance of gathering data on event attendees, but only 20% felt that this data is being used effectively to improve their events and enhance the attendee’s experience.

For events professionals who are unsure how they can improve the integration of data, Patrick Smith, Cvent’s chief marketing officer, offers this advice: “It is essential that event planners and marketers have access to the proper tools and technology to gather and harness event data in a way that provides actionable insights.”

With just 29% of event professionals considering their organisation to be effective at collecting data and only 23% believing they are effective at using it, it is clear there is plenty of work to be done. Just 38% of those surveyed said that they understood what attendees even do while they are on-site. Collecting and using the data is an important tool for improving and promoting events. For amazing venues everywhere, it is vital that this opportunity is not lost.

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