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Frequent business travel can be hard on families, both for those at home and for the traveller. But while the delegates at conferences and other corporate events undoubtedly miss their families, recent research by Carlson Wagonlit Travel finds that far fewer than expected actually contact their families while they are away.

The CWT Connected Traveller Study surveyed 1,900 business travellers and found some regional differences in how often they contacted home. Business travellers from the Americas seem to be the best at keeping in touch, with about half of those surveyed saying they contact their families with 47% saying they got in touch more than once a day. By contrast only 31% of Asian-pacific travellers said they called home, while the figure dropped still further for Europeans at 27%.

There are also differences in how they get in touch, with European travellers being most likely to phone home, while Americans are more likely to text. Skype is becoming more popular with around a quarter of respondents from all regions saying they use this to stay connected. As Julian Walker, Head of External Communications at Carlson Wagonlit Travel says: “While technology continues to evolve, most travellers still favour traditional ways to connect with family and friends.”

The results of this survey are all the more surprising given how easy it is now to stay connected. Business travellers tend to be well equipped with the latest technology and events venues including HCCE’s unique conference venues have state-of-the-art facilities. Perhaps the issue is simply down to limited free time during packed conference schedules or a respectful separation of professional and personal lives. Nevertheless, maintaining a good work-life balance is, of course, essential.