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The Barbican, a well-known London venue, recently carried out a survey into how far delegates were willing to travel for conferences and other corporate events abroad. The survey drew on feedback from 120 Barbican clients made up of 53% corporate bookers, 21% association and 26% agency representatives. The investigation showed that many were happy to travel a considerable distance, with 32% saying they were willing to travel for ten hours.

Strangely, this is not replicated in domestic events with 58% saying they prefer events to be within one hour’s travel. This has implications for how organisers market events since it may be easier to attract delegates from another continent, rather than the other side of the country.

However, industry representatives welcomed this finding because it reveals how far reaching an event can be. The Barbican’s Head of Business Events, Jackie Boughton, said: “Ten hours plus travel is great news for international events coming into London. It puts so much of the world in our catchment area, particularly when you realise that 52% were willing to travel more than six hours.”

Of course, this is not just great news for London but also for amazing venues throughout Europe. HCCE’s unique meeting venues can feel particularly positive about this survey. They offer first-class facilities, but also reside in historic buildings which provides a memorable setting for attendees to explore while they visit. Additionally, they are all located in fascinating cities, packed with cultural attractions such as museums, historic sites and cultural venues which provide plenty of entertainment away from the conference.

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