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With December fast approaching, the events taking place at many amazing venues will start taking on a festive atmosphere. Christmas parties may be the traditional approach for companies planning a celebration at this time of year, but many are now opting for alternative options.

The venue finding arm of Crown Partnership, Venue Reservations are finding that many corporations are now abandoning the Christmas party and are instead holding company dinners or awards ceremonies. Sarah Holland, the Head of Venue Reservations, explains why these are proving popular:

“Companies are choosing to celebrate collectively by hosting a single, large event that celebrates their employees’ efforts with a relaxed night of awards and speeches, allowing staff members and management alike to appreciate their peers’ hard work throughout the year; offering a clear incentive for the gathering.”

Venue Reservations also suggest that in large companies Christmas parties do not promote inclusion, particularly when different departments organise their own events. Negative stereotypes often surround corporate Christmas parties, which may put people off from attending as well.

There are also likely to be economic factors at play, with many companies finding this a challenging time. As the cost of venues is often inflated over the festive period, many are also opting to hold their gatherings after the New Year when prices drop again.

Christmas remains a time of celebration, so unique event venues are still likely to find their spaces booked. However, the key is for organisers to be versatile, so they are prepared to accommodate whatever type of event a client wishes to hold.

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