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Planning events that appeal to established professionals but also new generations is an ongoing challenge for organisers at unique events venues. The International Live Events Association UK Chapter recently outlined its education strategy and themes for the coming year, with particular emphasis on global technology trends, creative play and the millennial and centennial mind-sets.

A key aim is for events professionals to hear the thoughts of the younger generation who are making up an increasing amount of events audiences, as well as adapting the events organisation process. As Hannah Luffman, director of education, ILEA and managing editor, Unicorn Events says: “The wrong conversations seem to be talking about millennials and we’re keen to hear from them direct, and to learn how we can create events for them and by them.”

Also, there is an upcoming series of events to encourage creativity among events professionals and contemplate the global trends in technology to analyse how they are affecting event planning both now and in the future. This programme will unfold through ILEA’s links with the Summer Event Show and International Confex.

Ensuring that corporate events appeal to millennials will continue to be one of the challenges in the events industry as organisers look for ways to reach its new audience. Choosing appropriate venues will be a key part of this. HCCE’s unusual meeting venues with their state of the art technology are sure to appeal to a wide audience. Plus, they are set in fascinating European cities crammed with cultural attractions that offer something for professionals at various stages of their careers.