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Former spy and ex-MI5 director general, Lord Jonathan Evans, has called for Olympic standards of security to be applied to business events when he was speaking at the annual Business Events Sydney/ICC Sydney sponsored luncheon in London.

Lord Evans is familiar with the Olympic standards because he was the chief security office at the Olympic and Paralympic Games held in London in 2012. He shared some of his experience with the audience which included more than 20 association leaders.

He was keen to stress that security does not just mean physical security, but also cyber security with the need to protect information more important than ever in today’s world. He also emphasises the importance of sharing information. “Collaborative activity between the venue, the event organisers, law enforcement and security authorities is critical,” Lord Evans reported.

His words were echoed by BESydney CEO, Lyn Lewis-Smith: “With the digitisation of our economy standard practice, it is more important now than ever before that association leaders work closely with destination leaders to assure integrity of their event and the safety and security of attendees.”

Security issues regularly crop up in the news, so it is no wonder that it remains a concern with unique conference venues across the world. It is worth noting that the majority of events pass smoothly and without serious incidents. But to ensure this continues, it is important to remain vigilant. Event organisers must have the most up to date security information, so the safety of the venue’s visitors and employees, as well as their data, remains without compromise.

And just as a foot note, did you know our venue in Athens was uilt for the first 'modern Olympics'? Check it out here...

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