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Choosing the right venue is one of the most important decisions that events managers are required to make. As well as the location and the transport connections, you also need to know about the space inside and the facilities on offer. Virtual reality can make this process much easier and many locations are already implementing this exciting new technology.


When selecting a venue, the internet is usually the first resource organisers utilise to conduct research. Information, photographs and testimonials can all give valuable insights on the site and its suitability for your event, but this is no substitute for a real, in-person visit. However, visiting a venue in advance is not always possible. If the event is to be held a significant distance away, travelling there is awkward and time-consuming. Even with nearby locations it can be difficult to organise a visit and with so many amazing venues there is not enough time to visit them all.

Virtual reality fills the gap, providing an immersive, simulated visit to the space and a chance to see everything it has to offer. It can even give you a perspective on your potential event from the vantage point of the audience, allowing you to feel what it is like to attend a conference there. Regardless of whether a visit has already been conducted in-person, virtual reality is still a practical tool to refresh your memory before making a final decision. With virtual reality, you can make as many visits as you need — all without leaving the office.

This technology could be particularly useful in highlighting HCCE’s unique conference venues. Allowing potential clients to view the historic features and admire how they sit side-by-side with state-of-the-art facilities could sell the setting even before they have set foot in it.