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For many in the corporate world, they are flooded with event invitations throughout the year. With so many to choose from they can start to blur into one, providing a challenge to events industry professionals who want to make sure their event stands out from the crowd. Personalising attendee experiences is one way to drive up turnout figures and ensure that your event is remembered positively.

Thorough research ensures that your event is targeted at the right people. Analysing the data of past attendees can show the similarities of those who have attended several events as well as those who have not returned. Contemplate factors such as their age, how they booked and what activities they participated in to help plan the next event.

When sending communications about the event, consider preferred delivery methods. How do individual prospective attendees want to receive information – email, text, post or social media? Then, personalise the information within these communications. For instance, for those who are coming from a considerable distance provide materials that explain local transport systems. Include information about nearby attractions, but again target it accurately. Some may want to know about nearby museums and restaurants, while others might want to know more about music venues and bars.

Consider also the conference venue. Many can be bland, impersonal spaces. Unusual events venues such as HCCE’s unique venues in fascinating European cities have a character which is not always found in corporate spaces.

The key to ensuring that events are well-attended and successful is making the guest feel valued. Achieve this, and you can be sure attendees will look forward to your events.