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The Events Team at HCCE’s Central Hall Westminster took time out from organising conferences at their unique event venue in London for their annual charity day. This year, the team spent their time dressed in overalls and armed with paintbrushes at the Notting Hill Methodist Church.

In the wake of the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in Kensington, members of Notting Hill Methodist Church have been busy helping the victims. But this left them with no money or time to complete a much-needed maintenance project at their own church.

The managing director of Central Hall Westminster, Paul Southern, explained: 

I had been speaking with members of Notting Hill Methodist Church about their tireless work in providing shelter and support to victims of the Grenfell Tower fire and asked if we could help in any way. Areas of the church building were in need of a freshen up and this seemed an incredibly worthy cause for our annual charity day.

The team were very busy painting the church’s stairwell and corridor areas, including the doors, door frames and the skirting boards. Their work is not yet over, and in the coming weeks Central Hall Westminster’s maintenance team will be carrying out other jobs the church requires.

Members of Notting Hill Methodist Church were delighted with the results. The property and facilities manager at the church, Kevin French, stated: “A massive thanks to the splendid team at Central Hall. They’ve left us with a lovely bright corridor and stairway. We certainly enjoyed having them here for the day.”

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