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The UK Tourism Industry Council is seeking to increase its links with the business and events sector with John Glenn MP, the minister for Arts, Heritage and Tourism inviting the chairman of the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP), Michael Hirst OBE, to take a permanent place on the council.

Business and events are due to play an increasingly important role in the government’s tourism strategy by promoting year-round tourism and filling unreserved capacity. Other changes the council hopes to make include boosting the number of tourism jobs and improving the transport infrastructure. A programme of events is being planned which will exhibit Britain’s cultural and business achievements and expertise.

The appointment of Michael Hirst was welcomed across the industry. Nick De Bois, chair of the Events Industry Board, stated: “It’s clear that business events and events more generally should be a big part of the government’s programme to push forward the economy. The industry now has in place strong representation through its umbrella body, the Business Visits and Events Partnership, a joined up approach with government on the Events Industry Board, a voice in parliament through the All Party Parliamentary Group and now the opportunity to make a contribution to the wider visitor economy on the Tourism Industry Council”.

On the 3rd November, 150 senior leaders from the events industry gathered in London for the first Business of Events: Senior Leadership Forum, where attendees discussed many of the suggested initiatives. For the unique conference venues in the UK, this is an exciting time as their role becomes a key part of the UK’s broader tourism strategy.

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