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There are many things you might expect to do during a trade show – find out new information, explore new opportunities, check out the competition and network. But one thing you might not normally expect to do is have a sleep. However, at the Aquatech trade show, which is taking place in Amsterdam, this is exactly the recommendation. The organisers actively promote and embrace the concept of the powernap.

The trade show has a closed-off dedicated Auping Powernapping Area decked out with beds so attendees and stand holders can take a rest when they need it. Experts recommend twenty minutes as the optimum time for power nap because this grants the sleeper a proper rest, without them falling into a deep sleep.

Aquatech have included this feature in their trade show due to demand for rest periods during events. Maurits van der Sluis, RAI Amsterdam chief operating officer explained their decision: “Exhibition days are often hectic for standholders and visitors alike and a brief powernap will help them be more alert and better able to take in information. We are convinced that the Powernapping Area will contribute to a more effective exhibition visit.”

It remains to be seen whether a power napping area could catch on at unique event venues in other cities. But with the endless round of talks, demonstrations and stands at trade shows can be exhausting. Having a place where attendees can get away from it all for a short period to recharge can only be an advantage.

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