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From sporting and cultural triumphs to business accolades, awards represent the pinnacle of achievement, often the result of months or years of hard work. Presenting these at special ceremonies can make the experience all the sweeter, showing the recipient just how much their achievements are appreciated.

A drawback to award ceremonies is that, while they are a joyful experience for the recipients, for many of the attendees they can be simply a chore. Finding ways to make them enjoyable occasions for everyone will ensure that they are well attended and create a positive atmosphere. Methods for increasing enjoyment can include serving food and drink as part of the occasion and ensuring that the host and other speakers keep the event lively. Good entertainment helps make a ceremony become a spectacle for all attendees, even if they are not receiving accolades. Comedians, live music and dancers are all examples of entertainment which many will enjoy.

2017 RMSR Prize GivingHowever, the venue is one of the biggest factors in award ceremony success. An attractive, atmospheric venue with good facilities will, in itself, prove a draw to potential attendees and make the event all the more special for the recipients.

HCCE’s venues make ideal locations for award ceremonies, as proved on 28th October by the Mediterranean Conference Centre, when it hosted the Rolex Middle Sea Race 2017 prize giving. This unique conference venue on the scenic island of Malta dates back to the 16th century, and provided a wonderfully historic and captivating setting for the event. The overall winner, Russian crewed Bogatyr, as well as the first to finish on water, George David’s Rambler, were awarded Rolex timepieces. For such a gruelling venture – out of 104 starters, only 35 reached the finish line – a ceremony in this beautiful venue was certainly well deserved.

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