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UKinbound has announced results from its recent Business Barometer members survey, revealing that total bookings, visitor arrivals and income yield match figures from 12 months ago. However, feedback indicated that confidence in future reservations and revenue dwindled at the lowest levels since September 2016.

These conclusions, compiled by Qa Research, concern the months of July and August 2017. More than 80% of respondents said that income either increased or remained the same compared to the same months in 2016. 72% of participants saw similar or higher total bookings and visitor numbers than they did in July and August last year. Survey feedback indicated that the depreciation in the pound was the main factor behind the improvements.

UKinbound Chief Executive Deirdre Wells OBE remarked

It’s encouraging to hear from members that July and August were positive months with regards to visitor numbers, bookings and revenue. However, I am concerned that confidence is low amongst our members about future business.

We need continued investment in tourism, a strong narrative promoting the UK as a welcoming destination, an immigration and visa system that’s flexible to business needs and access to a skilled workforce.

Confidence in the future might be flagging, but for those looking to coordinate corporate and business events now, the rising visitation figures and income levels for the UK tourism industry found in the survey are major silver linings. HCCE’s unique conference venues are ideally located in major cities, with all the modern facilities and technology required to make your event a resounding success, so now is the time to keep this momentum up.