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Recent research by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Foundation, partnered with Sabre, revealed common complaints business travellers have about their experiences. Those companies arranging events in HCCE’s unusual conference venues can be assured of an excellent service. But, there are many other factors from the journey itself to the accommodation which make up a successful business trip.

In particular, business travellers voiced frustrations with unproductive time spent in transit, long layovers, preparing an expense report and needing to change reservations. Many of the complaints revolve around tasks which are time consuming, without offering much sense of an achievement. Companies which do not address complaints are likely to find it harder to recruit talented candidates, and they may find that their existing employees struggle to carry out their job as effectively as they wish.

Finding ways to save time and increase productivity improves the traveller experience. The research indicated that perks which pleased travellers included non-stop flights, on-board WIFI, seat upgrades and paid international calls. At the destination, comfortable accommodation and paid time-off increased their satisfaction.

The increased use of technology could be the key to improving experiences. Many respondents said they would like apps to track safety and their itinerary, as well as mobile expense reporting. The executive VP and president of Sabre Travel Network, Wade Jones explained...

While the technology is out there, this report demonstrates that we still have work to do to make corporate travel more seamless, reducing the number of apps and tools needed to organise their trip, while also optimising compliance and reducing costs. 

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