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Research recently published by NFU Mutual’s Hospitality Recruitment Guide points to a worrying new trend of a skills shortage facing the hospitality and tourist industry. Brexit negotiations further intensify concerns about deficits, with reduced migration likely to cause a further shortfall in the workforce, but few hospitality businesses are appearing to be preparing for it.

While this will have a significant impact on general tourism, it is also a major area of concern for business travellers. The UK has many unique conference venues, including HCCE’s Central Hall Westminster, attracting businesses from across the world. Part of their appeal stems from cultural attractions and the number of hotels, restaurants and other business nearby which can cater for corporate events. A skills shortage could reduce this appeal.

Drawing more young people into careers in the hospitality and tourist industries could be key to resolving this problem before it has a serious impact. Sensible plans could include working closely with schools and colleges, but few businesses are yet to trial such initiatives. The problem is significant as Ufi Ibrahim, chief executive of the British Hospitality Association, pointed out. 

Without future EU migration, the hospitality industry would need upwards of 60,000 new workers per year in addition to the ongoing recruitment of over 100,000 workers required to replace churn and to power growth.

The Hospitality Recruitment Guide looks at ways of tackling the problem, taking a close look at what motivates the younger generation when choosing a career. With the political situation still uncertain, it has never been more important for the industry to plan ahead.