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Events management is a female dominated industry. Despite this, top positions are more often filled by men. In December Fay Sharp, founder of Fast Forward 15, will present her conclusions from recent research into workplace practices carried out by M&IT and BCD Meetings & Events.

A positive from the research is that the issue is becoming more prominent with increasing numbers of employees looking for ways to improve the gender balance. And the picture is looking a lot brighter than when research took place three years ago. As Fay Sharp says, the event in December is...

designed to celebrate, share and shape knowledge and to create a roadmap for the hospitality, events and tourism industries.

For those companies who manage events in HCCE’s unique conference venues, questions remain about how to ensure that their talented female employees are reaching their top potential. Problems highlighted by the survey include that after having a family many women go free-lance, or they are concerned by the impact on their family if they secure higher positions. One solution includes more flexible working practices, which would benefit everyone wanting a better work-life balance.

Other respondents highlighted the problem of attracting female candidates for the higher positions, with one respondent reporting that no women had applied for their most recent position advertised. Some suggest that mentoring programs could be used to increase the confidence of female employees.

There were also many positive reports of more balanced boards and senior positions, suggesting that the issue is being tackled. There may be still some way to go, but in events management the future is looking more equal.