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The importance of harnessing the power of technology was one of the key messages emerging from the first day of the inaugural Cvent CONNECT Europe conference. This view featured prominently in the keynote speech given by Reggie Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Cvent, to a congregation of hundreds of event professionals attending the conference in London.

Reggie Aggarwal stated that by automating events and analysing data, industry representatives can better understand events and what makes them more successful. Technology is a useful tool for increasing meeting success and better understanding the need of attendees. Gathering data and analysing it to improve events provides a better return on investments. As Aggarwal says...

The end goal is to see events not as an expense, but as an asset on the balance sheet.”

Cvent is a good example of how technology drives success. It now operates fourteen offices across four continents and has 25,000 customers. An example of their upcoming technology is Cvent Flex, which is designed to give event attendees and managers an easy to use experience that is enjoyable as well as functional.

The importance of technology remains one of the key trends dominating every aspect of events management, and the events themselves. The unique conference venues of HCCE with their state-of-the-art equipment remain determined to keep up with all the latest trends and take advantage of all that technology can bring.


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