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Amidst the uncertainty of Brexit and the place for UK industries after the UK leaves the EU, there is reason to be hopeful for those working in events management. The Tourism Industry Council is aiming to raise the profile of Britain as a key destination for business visits and events.

Business and events are central to the Tourism Industry Council’s strategy because they boost year-round tourism. In an extensive document, the Tourism Industry Council have revealed plans to make Britain an even more appealing destination to international visitors.

The document acknowledges that, at present, Britain lags behind its competitors in attracting business visits and events. Among the proposals for tackling this is a national program of events showcasing Britain’s cultural excellence and business expertise. It is hoped that various government departments including the Foreign Office, the Business Department, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for International trade would support this event.

To achieve the aim of making Britain one of the most attractive destinations in the next ten years, the document says further government financial support will be needed, as well as increased co-operation between the border agencies, improvement of connectivity and the creation of tourism zones.

Britain certainly has plenty to offer the business visitors – a fascinating history, lively cultural events, top restaurants and beautiful countryside. There are many unique conference venues in the UK, including HCCE’s Central Hall Westminster, right in the heart of the capital. There is still a considerable amount of work to do, but for events management the future can be a bright one.