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While travel is mostly safe, recent events of environmental disasters and terror attacks highlight that safety can never be taken for granted. Firms have a responsibility to those travelling on business. But recent UK results from the Duty of Care Survey carried out by Concur, an employee-spend management and business travel company, suggest that many companies are failing in this.

Out of the 1050 UK employees surveyed, findings showed that 53% had been near a major event, but of those 41% were not even contacted by their employers. Even those who had been contacted were often not satisfied with 37% saying the contact was unhelpful or unnecessary.

With 95% of those who had been near a major event saying they would want their company to have measures in place to deal with an emergency, it is clear work needs to be done. But only 42% felt their company would be able to help and only 36% even knew who they would need to contact.

There is no single solution to this, but developing technology and a greater understanding of the duty of care is needed to ensure that both the companies and the travellers themselves are aware of how to react to an emergency situation.

It is hoped that everyone using the unusual meeting venues offered by HCCE in some of Europe’s most beautiful cities will not face a major event. But by having such measures in place delegates will experience greater peace of mind and gain so much more from the corporate event they are attending.