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Stress is a common condition across most employment sectors, causing many days absence and much distress for sufferers. Events management is no exception to this. A recent survey conducted by Laura Capell-Abra, a leading industry business and career coach and ex-agency MD, found that 71% event industry professionals believe their colleagues are suffering from stress.

The reasons for stress are many. The survey found that long working hours are a major factor – 50% of respondents reported working more than 51 hours a week. 68% of respondents believed stress arose from their high workload with unrealistic deadlines. Demanding clients also featured prominently.

There are plenty of ways to tackle stress. Flexible working arrangements give employees a better work-life balance. When organising corporate events, achieve this by allowing time for breaks. If events are held in unique venues in interesting locations such as the cities of the HCCE venues, there is plenty of scope to unwind and experience the rich culture of their location.

Also, it is important to ensure that all employees receive the necessary training to carry out their work. Those who have not had sufficient training report being 33% more stressed than those who felt they were adequately trained.

Companies which take steps to tackle workplace stress are more likely to appoint and retain talented staff and will lose fewer days to stress-related illness. Laura Capell-Abra has launched a free initiative, ‘Stress Matters’, to tackle the problem. It offers advice on practical and quantifiable measures companies can take to reduce stress. It takes the form of pledges over key areas of communication, resources and clients, with awards for companies which make the necessary improvements.


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