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When planning corporate events, music is unlikely to be high on the list of priorities. With so many other details to consider, music is often an afterthought if it is even thought of at all. But music adds to the atmosphere and enhances the mood, so it is well worth considering its use at events.

Background music helps set the mood at the start of sessions, while people are gathering. It should not be overpowering, as many attendees use this time to talk. But creating a calm yet positive mood at the start of an event will increase the chances of success. If you are holding your event in a unique venue such as the HCCE venues, the building will already have a compelling atmosphere. Background music as people arrive enhances that feeling of entering somewhere special.

Music gives identity to your event, particularly if you pick a theme which is played at key moments. It can also convey an individual’s identity. If a person is being honoured at the event, find out their favourite music and play it as they walk on stage. It will make them feel even more valued.

Many people would baulk at the idea of having to sing together, but it fosters connections. As Professor Robert Dunbar, an evolutionary psychologist from Oxford University says “Music is fundamental to our ability to hold together large communities of individuals.” Even just encouraging everyone to sing ‘happy birthday’ to a delegate can help to bring people together, forging those personal links which are key to a conference’s success.