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When planning a corporate event, the wellbeing of the delegates is always a consideration. Taking care of both their physical health and emotional wellbeing is an important factor in making an event a success. According to the IACC’s recent Nutrition and Delegate Wellbeing Survey Report nutrition and wellbeing are a high priority for organisers. The report offers numerous useful insights for those planning and catering for corporate events.

One of the trends venues are noticing is an increase in requests for ‘brain foods’, those foods which have a high nutrient or mineral content such as walnuts, quinoa and blueberries. According to the survey, 38% of venues anticipate these requests and already have ‘brain foods’ on the menu.

Diverse nutritional needs result in a variety of requests. Vegetarian requests remain common, but the diet which has seen the most increase is gluten free, with all respondents reporting a large increase in requests in the past two years.

Emotional wellbeing is also important. Many delegates report that communal areas are key to a successful conference venue, as well as areas for quiet reflection. The unusual conference venues at HCCE have a variety of different spaces, for many types of both formal and informal gatherings. Such areas can also increase conference success, by providing opportunities for networking and discussion. Emotional well-being can be improved by holding an event in a unique venue in attractive cities, where there is plenty of interest away from the conference.