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Recent terror attacks in Europe and the mass shooting in Las Vegas have led to a heightened awareness around security issues with regard to public gatherings. In cities where HCCE have their unique conference venues business goes on as usual, but many venues are taking this opportunity to review their security procedures to enable events to take place as planned and reassure attendees.

A recent survey carried out by the HBBA, the trade association for the hotel booking agency, apartment and venue community, found that while security is always under review, most members had recently increased their attention.

The survey found that 63.3% of venues have changed or reviewed security and safety protocols in the last six months, while 42% have carried out simulations. Event bookers are more concerned about security at venues, with the survey reporting that 60% of agencies require more information on safety and security. They are apparently utilising that information to make recommendations to clients.

It is not just physical security which is a concern for event venues. Cyber attacks can also have serious consequences. Virtually all businesses surveyed said they were conscious of cyber security, with 58% saying they are either giving “much more” or “considerably more” attention to this issue.

Event bookers should not be afraid to raise any security concerns at the time of booking, although the vast majority of events pass without incident. Those venues which have not recently reviewed their security protocols, now would be a good time to do it.