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Increasingly, conferences and other corporate events are being booked by millennials — the generation born between 1980 and 1995. This is having a profound impact on the type of events booked and the venues considered suitable.

The millennial generation is an exceptionally tech-savvy group, very confident with social media and experienced in doing everything from business to booking a holiday online. Despite their immersion in the virtual world, they still enjoy the personal contact that conferences and other corporate events can bring. However, venues will need to have the technology available to link with those who are interested, but unable to attend in person. Additionally, the format of events is changing, breaking up the traditional corporate system with virtual reality, Twitter question and answer sessions, and digital games.

HCCE venues remain relevant to this trend. Updated with state-of-the-art technology and modern conference facilities, they are more than able to cope with the digital demands of the millennials.

Although this group still enjoys the networking that accompanies attending corporate events in person, it is also easy to attend such events virtually, which can reduce attendance figures. Bookers therefore also look for other draws to encourage colleagues to attend their events in person. Historical Conference Centres have a strong advantage here as they are situated in exciting places with plenty of restaurants, attractions and other entertainment for the end of the day or those wishing to extend their stay. By choosing remarkable venues in fascinating cities across Europe, bookers can be confident their event will be well attended by colleagues of all ages.

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