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  • Where do you go to host a sustainability conference?

    Well perhaps you start with a venue that has already had over 100 years of sustainable use and in a destination listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site - Graz!

  • Congres Graz Refurbishment

    A spirit of change and renewal at Congress Graz

    HCCE venues need to keep pace with the changing needs of the delegates and that means renewal rather than build new.Having already seen a number venues from Hannoverto Vallettainvest in the fabric and technology of their centres, Congress Graz in Austria has begun a new project due for completion by September.

    Follow the journey as they prepare a historic room for the 21st centuary...

  • The 10th International Rolling Conference and the 7th European Rolling Conference will be in CONGRESS GRAZ

    The 10th International Rolling Conference and the 7th European Rolling Conference will be in CONGRESS GRAZ from 6th – 9th of June 2016 and is organized by ASMET, the Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials.

  • URBAN FUTURE Global Conference 2016

    World's Largest Meeting of City Changers in Graz: On March 2 and 3, 2016, the Austrian city of Graz will becomean international hot spot for the cities of the future: the URBAN FUTURE Global Conference is one of the world's largest events for sustainable city development. 

  • It's all happening in Graz with events of all shapes, sizes and tastes!

    Superior standard congresses and the latest trends, perfectly seasoned with popular events. A glance at the Messe Congress Graz schedule of events reveals some tasty prospects for the year.

  • Congress Graz

    HCCE Member Graz One of the Top Ten Convention Centres in Europe

    Based on hidden guests’ ratings, which have been published in the Kongres Magazine, we were selected as one of the winner of the MEETING STAR AWARDS 2015.

  • Congress Graz

    The capital city of Styria is an economic, scientific and educational hub of activity. No other Austrian city can offer a more effective conglomeration of these sectors than Graz. With venues such as Congress Graz it’s no surprise the city is such a popular choice for the staging of national and international symposiums, meetings, conferences and congresses.

    The venues here are meeting places for experts from the worlds of medicine, technology, culture and human rights, who come to share their knowledge, consolidate and expand networks, and to take the inspiration they gather out into the world.

    Over the last few years Graz has become established as one of the world’s 100 best congress cities. Congress Graz provides the city with an absolutely superlative venue.

  • Eleventh International Summer Academy of Dermatopathology Graz

    The eleventh Summer Academy of Dermatopathology will be held July 6th – 10th, 2015 at the Congress Graz, Austria.

  • "Advanced MRI" Conference Heads for Graz

    The 'Advanced MRI' conference will be hosted at the HCCE venue Congress Graz@mcg_graz in May this year

    graz Advance MRI conference

  • Congress Graz host ISSI 2015 Conference

    8th European Stainless Steel Conference 2015 – Science and Market and the Duplex Steel Conference & Exhibition 2015The 8th European Stainless Steel Conference 2015 – Science and Market and the Duplex Steel Conference & Exhibition 2015 will be held at HCCE member venue in Congress Graz @mcg_graz on 27-30 April 2015.

  • Messe Congress Graz digital facelift

    MCG TabletTo mark the beginning of spring, Messe Congress Graz has been given a new digital makeover! www.mcg.at 
    went online mid-March and can now present Graz’s
    venues in a new light.

  • Messe Congress Graz a very special dancehall!


    Austrian balls are elegant, sophisticated and timelessly enjoyable events. Most visitors to Austria attend a ball at one time or another. We Austrians love these occasions, although traditionally such events are only held during the Fasching carnival period from November to February. Congress Graz is very busy during the ball season.

  • Messe Congress Graz – Making progress down the ‘green road’.

    Halle A - Fotomontage - Photovoltaikanlage

    For over 20 years Messe Congress Graz has been a participant in an ‘eco-profit project’ inaugurated by the City of Graz. ‘Green Meetings’ were a general point of conversation here long before they became fashionable.

  • Earth Explorer 7 User Consultation Meeting

    Foyer Beethoven

    On 5–6 March 2013, leading scientists from around the world gathered at the Earth Explorer User Consultation Meeting in Graz, Austria, to discuss which one of three mission concepts should be built as ESA's seventh Earth Explorer. The meeting provided the opportunity for the scientific community to listen to presentations on each candidate mission and debate the merits of each in terms of technical viability and value to science. The three missions discussed are called Biomass, CoReH2O and Premier.

  • Messe Congress Graz - Celebrates Smaller and Bigger Sisters

    grazYes indeed, to become a member of the Historic Conference Centres of Europe, the conference venue has to be able to look back on a past of over 100 years. This, however, does not imply that it is not allowed to have younger members in its family.

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