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The Head Office will do its utmost to promote the association and its members to potential clients and fulfil the objective of the association.

  1. The Head Office will research the database using different techniques to expand and improve the value to member centres.
  2. The Head Office will focus its research on updating contact details and collecting event information from clients.
  3. The head office will provide customised client lists on the website for the member's sales activities.
  4. One member of the HCCE Board of Directors will be in charge of the Sales and Marketing activities of the association. He/She will form a Sales and Marketing committee composed by employees of the member centre sales staff which participate and contribute on a voluntary basis. The committee has the goal to create and plan sales activities to the benefit of member centres. This team will meet a least twice a year and provide the annual marketing & sales activity plan as well as suggestions for the further development of HCCE's 3 to 5 year strategy. Each member is required to nominate a representative to communicate with the Sales and Marketing team on a regular basis.
  5. Members will regularly participate in sales drives on a voluntary basis. 

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