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The member centre commits itself to guarantee and emphasize the high quality standards and services of all HCCE members.

  1. Each member promotes to the best of its ability the association and other member centres through their available resources, including but not restricted to the distribution of HCCE information.
    1. To expose with prominence the brass plate (close to the main entrance), roll up, brochures and other display material.
    2. Membership of HCCE and the HCCE logo have to be shown on all printed as well as digital material including stationary, brochures, e-mails, advertisements, PR articles, etc.
  2. The member centre will provide a direct link from its webpage to the HCCE webpage.
  3. The member centre will exchange information with the head office and participate in networking with other members.
  4. The member centre will hold as privileged and confidential all communications from HCCE head office, including those derived from its database.
  5. The member centre will pay promptly all dues, fees and financial commitments. No sales activities, access or support will be given by HCCE to the member until all financial commitments are made.
  6. The member centre is expected to host and organise general assemblies, also client events on a voluntary and regular (revolving) basis.
  7. The member centre will do their utmost to actively participate in the Assemblies and client events organised by HCCE.
  8. The member centre will provide leads e.g. events which rotate within Europe and/or internationally.
  9. The member centre is required to update a certain number of data/addresses per year.

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