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The Head office will guarantee professional work and maintain a strong corporate identity. It will seek to strengthen members' market position by facilitating information exchanges and networking.

  1. HCCE provides a brass plate and displays (roll up, brochures etc) reflecting membership of HCCE. This display material will be updated on a regular basis but is not included in the initial membership fee.
  2. Additional presentation material such as a power point presentation will be provided to its members.
  3. HCCE can produce give-a-ways and promotional material which would be purchased from the Head office.
  4. The HCCE website presents its members to potential clients, markets and the meetings industry.
  5. HCCE provides digital material for promotional reasons.
  6. HCCE communicates on a regular basis with its members, clients, industry colleagues and the press with the use of a newsletter and the social media.
  7. HCCE will provide its members with the appropriate access to a database containing all clients, business contacts and the press gathered directly from trade shows or by the Head Office.

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