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Article Index


  1. Membership of the Association will be automatically renewed each year subject to the provisions of Article 6(2), but shall terminate:
    1. on a member's death. If the member is a legal person or partnership, its membership shall terminate when it ceases to exist.
    2. on a member's resignation, having due regard for the provisions of Article 6(2).
    3. on cancellation by or on behalf of the Association. Membership may be cancelled when a member ceases to comply with the membership requirements laid down in the Articles and internal rules and regulations, as well as when the Association cannot reasonably be required to allow the membership to continue.
    4. by expulsion. A member can only be expelled for contravening the Articles, internal rules and regulations or decisions of the Association, or for causing harm to the Association.
  2. Notice of resignation by a member must be given by registered letter addressed to the head office not less than eighteen months prior to the intended date of termination, which date must at all times be the end of the financial year, on condition that the member has paid in full all membership contributions and any other monies owing to the Association.
  3. When a member centre is dissolute and ceases to exist.
  4. A member may lodge an appeal with the Members in Board of Directors against a decision of the Association to cancel its membership or to expel it within one month of receiving notice of the decision.
    The Board shall to this end notify the member in writing with the least possible delay, stating reasons.
    During the appeal period and pending the appeal the member shall be suspended until the next Annual General Assembly, which decides about the continuation or discontinuation of membership.
  5. Even if membership terminates in the course of an Association year, the full annual contribution shall remain payable.

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