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Article 3. - MEMBERSHIP

Members of the Association may be:

Natural and legal persons as well as civil partnerships (maatschappen), general partnerships (vennootschappen onder firma) and limited partnerships (commanditaire vennootschappen) or similar foreign partnerships or legal persons.

Membership of the Association is open to all operators of centres that meet the required membership criteria as fixed at any time by the members in General Assembly.

There are four different categories of membership. These are:

  • Full membership. This membership is open to all operators of historic conference centres that:
    • are located in a unique building (approx. one hundred years old);
    • whose core activity is holding conferences;
    • have a professional management and a price structure;
    • operate year-round.

  • Associate membership: This membership shall be open to those owners or representatives of venues and structures that are also historic in nature however lack one or more of the criteria to obtain full membership of the association.

  • Strategic membership: This membership is open to any strategic business partner that is not a historic centre but provides support services to the meeting industry, such as travel agencies, professional congress organizers (PCO), publishers, audio visual companies, etc.

  • Honorary membership: is only possible at the invitation of the Association's Board of Directors
    The Board shall keep a register in which is recorded all the names and addresses, and in the case of natural persons the dates of birth, of all members.

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