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Article 24. LANGUAGE

Meetings shall be conducted in English unless the Board decides otherwise. Official communications and minutes of meetings shall be in English.

In conclusion, the parties appearing stated that the first Board of the Association will be composed of:

  1. Mr. Walter Straub
  2. Mr. Michel Jean Pierre Maugé
  3. Mr. August Herbert Moderer
  4. Mr. Lindenbergh
  5. Mr. Peter Fenech

The Board of Directors, named under 1, 2, 3, 5 agreed to establish the association on present papers, their appointment as members of the board and the required registration at the chamber of commerce, in written form.
The persons appearing before me are known to me, civil law notary.
This deed was signed in Amsterdam on the date given at the head of the document.
After they were informed of the substance of the present deed and its contents had been explained to them, both parties declared that they had acquainted themselves with its contents and did not require the deed to be read out in full.
Then, after selected passages had been read out, the persons appearing and I, civil law notary, immediately signed the instrument.

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