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  1. The object for which the Association is formed and the reason for the Association is to gather and exchange knowledge and experience relating to the specific matters of conference centres established in historic monuments and to promote the awareness of these historic conference buildings in Europe and worldwide.
    • United, these historic conference centres will increase publicity for themselves and strengthen their position and brand in order to improve service to their users.
    • The Association will contribute towards focusing the international spotlight on these historic centres through collaboration and by entering into strategic alliances, and through all such things as are incidental or conducive to the above object, all this to be construed in the widest sense.
  2. In order to achieve its object the Association will, among other things, through the joint secretariat:
    • exchange information and disseminate it among its members;
    • provide assistance and support to its members;
    • participate in various trade fairs in order to promote its members;
    • organize promotional activities for the benefit of its members;
    • maintain a data base and electronic information that can assist its members in generating customer loyalty.
    • and further by all lawful means.

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