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Article Index


  1. In the Association all powers not assigned by the law or these Articles to the General Assembly or another organ shall be vested to the Board of Directors.
  2. A General Assembly - the Annual General Assembly (AGA) - shall be held each year within six months of the end of the financial year.
  3. General Assemblies shall be convened by the Board. The notice convening the meeting shall be sent to the addresses of the members as recorded in the register of members, giving not less than six weeks notice including a draft agenda.
  4. The notice shall specify the business to be transacted, without prejudice to the provisions regarding alteration of the Articles.
  5. Full members have the right to request agenda points these must be received five weeks prior to the General Assembly by the Head office. The Board of Directors has the right to reject these requests. The Full member may rise the agenda points during the assembly under the point Miscellaneous.
  6. Three weeks prior to the General assembly the final agenda is send to all members.
  7. The following business shall be conducted at the Annual General Assembly:
    1. the annual accounts and reports referred to in the Article on the annual financial statements plus the notes to the accounts and the report of the audit committee.
    2. The appointment of an audit committee as referred in article 16.
    3. the filling of any vacancies (elections)
  8. General Assemblies shall be chaired by the chairman or one of the vice chairmen of the Board of Directors. If both do not show up, the other Directors shall appoint one of their numbers to chair the meeting.
  9. Other General Meetings shall be held as often as the Board deems them necessary.
  10. In addition, the Board has a duty to convene a General Meeting within six weeks at the written request of at least two thirds of full members. If the Board fails to comply with this request within fourteen days, the parties requesting the meeting may themselves proceed to convene the General Meeting by giving notice of the meeting in the manner provided in these Articles.

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